Baby Name/ Name Correction/ New Name




Baby name numerology using the Ancient and modern system of “Ank Shastra” with Astrology. We calculate through Palmistry along with astrology in which we study more than 16+ charts. We also use handwriting and signature analysis for better understanding so that we can create the best vibration. We create a lot of vibrations and then select the best option after studying for more than 15 days. In special cases, it takes also months.

Name vibrations are created depending upon the situation and need of a person so that desired luck can be activated. Not only baby names but also adult names are also created to tackle every kind of problem. The creation of Name vibration is one of the best methods to enhance luck which is effective whole life. The same name vibration may be lucky for one person and maybe unlucky for another person.

So, the minute study of the horoscope and palm is given high importance. With the help of our vibrations, we activate planets so that the person gets a very high level of results.

Once the payment is done, Please inform us on Whats App or call  +91-9795528591 with a screenshot. We will Whats App or email you the details which we require. It is a very simple step. You can email and Whats App the details including pics of both hands, forehead pic, face pic, signature, etc. Your smartphone is enough to get clear pics. We will send you details with an explanation of taking pics. If any doubt you can call/ Whats App us at +91-9795528591.

For any inquiry please fill out the form or Call /Whats app: +91-9795528591