Full Analysis with Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Graphology


Full Analysis of Past, Present, and Future with an ancient method of Astrology, Palmistry, *Numerology, Graphology, Forehead, etc.


We prepare all the possible Astrological i.e. 16+ charts(Navamsha, Dashmansha, etc.). We minutely study all the charts and at the same time study the events on both the Palms, the Thumbs, your Face, and your  Forehead. So when we use Astrology along with Palmistry, Face, and  Forehead, we can trace the events accurately.

We use very advanced levels of Indian and Chaldean Numerology both of which we create different charts of your Name such as Name Horoscope, Tarot Charts, Pyramid Charts, etc. By doing so, we can calculate the impact of your name on your life. At the same time by changing Your Name and Your Bussiness Name a successful and harmonious future can be created.*

We also use Graphology in which we analyze one’s signature and also correct it if needed. Many unwanted patterns of your life can be broken with the change in signature. By changing the signature, you can change your future. Success, wealth, confidence, positivity, and opportunities can be attracted by using Graphology (free service worth Rs 3ooo).

Whatever is going on or will happen in your future leaves a trace on your forehead. So we also study the lines and markings on the forehead.

A very minute study of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, and Graphology gives us enough information and intuition to predict your future very accurately. When needed we also use Tarot Cards to connect with universal energy.

First, we tell you some events of your Past, they should match. If it matches then only we go further and analyze your Present and predict your Future events.

To calculate about one person it takes me more than 7-10 days because of lengthy calculations. During the discussion with the concerned person, there is no time foundation limit and it can take 1-3 hours depending upon the horoscope.

You can also ask and email Your Questions so that detailed charts and minute calculations can be done for accurate answers.

We also keep in touch with you after analysis and Maintain a Record of the predicted events so that we can guide you in the best possible way.

In the process, we will correct your signature, suggest mantras according to planets, recommend powerful energized Rudraksha according to circumstances, and guide you from basic to advanced levels of  Tratak,  a Tantrik Method of meditation. (Free Rs 10,000) so that you can manifest things on your own. We may suggest some other methods if needed to balance the planets. The events are predicted not only with the help of calculations but also with divine help. It is a blend of Mathematical Calculations and Intuition.

Once the payment is done, Please inform us on Whats App or call  +91-9795528591 with a screenshot. We will WhatsApp or email you the details which we require. It is a very simple step. You can email us. the details including pics of both hands, forehead pic, face pic, signature, etc. Your smartphone is enough to get clear pics. We will send you details with an explanation of taking pics. If any doubt you can call/ Whats App us at +91-9795528591.

*NOTE – Name correction and Business Name are not included in the full analysis. If it is recommended then you are advised to correct your Name or Business Name separately.

For any inquiry please fill out the form or Call /Whats App: +91-9795528591.

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