Ring of Solomon

Ring of Solomon aka Jupiter’s Ring(गुरु मुद्रिका)-PART 2

Ring of Solomon reaches the Life Line
Ring of Solomon reaches the Life Line

If the Ring of Solomon goes to life line then he gets grace of a teacher. If the hand is a beautiful one then he gets success in his sadhana. He may have inner divine power. It’s a line of emotional moods. Actually due to impact of good area of Jupiter  he is a artist, nature lover etc.If he has bad area of planet Jupiter then it does not apply. He becomes happy himself by his virtues mentioned above and tries to panache (रौब झाड़ना) others. He is always ready to complete his impossible imaginations in his dialogues  only.

Straight line not curved (Ring of Solomon)
Straight line not curved known as Diksha Rekha or Sanayas Rekha

When the line is  flat and straight that denotes that the person uses logic to understand the truth. This line is known as Diksha Rekha or Daiv Rekha. The person can renounce the world. Thus it’s also known as Line of Renunciation.

Vivekananda- Solomon Ring-Diksha Rekha
Diksha Rekha in the hand of Swami Vivekananda

This Line of Renunciation was present in the hand of Swami Vivekananda.The impact of this line can be seen in  life of Vivekananda ji. He has a logical temperament with the blend of renouncing tendency.

The sympathy line is common on Jupiter’s area. It is a straight line which generally touches heart line or life line. It shows sympathetic temperament .



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