Ring of Solomon reaches the Life Line

Ring of Solomon aka Jupiter’s Ring(गुरु मुद्रिका)-PART 1

RING OF SOLOMON (JUPITER’S RING aka  गुरु मुद्रिका )- Part 1

Other names :

  • The Ring of Jupiter (The Bhrispati Mudrika, The  Guru Mudrika)
  • The line of Initiation (The Diksha Rekha) दीक्षा रेखा
  • Line of Renunciation (The Veragaya Rekha) वैराग्य रेखा

Jupiter Ring -The circular line which surrounds the planet completely, is known as a ring.

Ring of Solomon
Ring of Solomon(गुरु मुद्रिका)

Soloman –King Soloman has asked God for wisdom. God had given him wisdom. Solomon was powerful too. In this way, he got both wisdom and power. So, it was named the RING OF SOLOMAN  because people thought it gives both power and wisdom. So let us check out the truth behind this mysterious line.

Although this line is not easily found in the palm, it is not very lucky as a palmist hopes after seeing it. Especially amateur palmists become very excited. By uttering divine or extraordinary benefits they make a person happy. But the reality is different.

The main characteristics of this line are-

  1. Generally, it starts between the midpoint of the middle and index finger and encircles the area of Jupiter. Sometimes it reaches the origin of a lifeline.

2. If this line is present then the person is serious and sympathetic. The drawback is that he is very ambitious and makes a meaningless environment of luxury around himself for boasting.

3. If Jupiter’s ring is present the person is lost in an imaginative world. His lust for money, ambition, and power is so strong that he imagines that he has become great. He thinks that all the auspicious and non-auspicious things are under his command. These thoughts make him think that people should respect him. He wants maximum benefits from less effort. This leads him to unsuccessful events. So the end can be distressful.

4. They can be great in their talks but in reality, this is not so.

5. The people who have Jupiter’s ring are interested in Astrology, Palmistry, Tantra- Mantra-Yatra. This only hints that the person is interested in the occult.

6. He may have a deep knowledge of the occult but it depends on other factors such as types of fingers, area of planets, and especially Mind line. Mind line should be keenly observed.

7. The knotted fingers and square phalanges denote the person has gained deep knowledge in this field through deep study. He took a good amount of thought process and study to understand it.

(to be continued…..)



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