Intuition line



Intuition plays a very important role in every aspect of life whether it is scientific or spiritualistic. It guides us like a flame in unexplored darkness.

Intuition Line
Intuition Line

It is a very rare line founds in a palm. When line of Intuition is present, it promises high achievement. There are very good chances that he might shine in the field of occult. The person will not live a normal life. He may be a philosopher, a mystic and may possess divine power. He can also foresee future events.

The main characteristics of this line are –

1-Line of Intuition is generally founds on psychic, philosophic or conic hands. It is found on soft hands. It is very rarely found on hard hands.

Intuition line
Intuition Line

2-When line of intuition starts as much as above of the Moon (Luna) mount and goes to the Mercury mount incircling the Mars mount without any flaw then it makes a person very remarkable in the society. This is one of the best positions of line where it works with full power.

Intuition Line starting with Island
Intuition Line starting with an Island

3- When  line of Intution starts with an island then it shows that the person is a sleep- walker. He can converse intelligently in a somnambulism  state.

Intuition Line end with a Star
Intuition Line end with a Star

4- When line of intuition ends with a star then the person will get a highly promised success due to his own qualities or it can be said he will get success due to his intuitive quality. He will be benefited by the exercise of the intuitive ability.

5-When this magical line of intution ends near the mind line (or the Mars mount), it gives a man hypnotic ability. He has hypnotic power and can increase his ability of mesmerism very easily.

Triangle formed with Intuition Line, Head Line & Luck Line
Triangle formed with Intuition Line, Head Line & Luck Line

6- If line of intuition forms a triangle with mind line and luck line then it shows that the man is a talented occultist. He can be a good clairvoyant i.e.  Astrologer, Palmist, practitioner of Scrying etc.

NOTE- It is found in experience that when the intuition line is present then the man is afraid to water sport, sea traveling, boating and swimming etc. Often people are terrified with psychic phenomenon as they are very open and receptive to such phenomenon because of the intuition.

15 thoughts on “LINE OF INTUITION: A very RARE & MAGICAL line”

  1. I have had a line of intuition that arcs from my finger of Mercury (in the mound) to almost my wrist. I am in medicine and this line has served my patients well.

    1. Sir, that’s very remarkable. If you do not mind, we would be very happy to have a glimpse of it. It’s very helpful in Research also. The person can dive into unexplored areas (or incurable diseases) of the medical field. Thank you very much for writing us.

      1. I have intuition line starting from Mount of moon to mount of Apollo crossing sun line,heart line and head line

      2. I have it as well – it’s a long one and well-defined. if you’re interested in studying some unusual lines and aspects, I can offer my hands to you.

  2. Sir, I wanted to know that does this line develops within time or is it like a person has it since childhood? I mean is it possible that it might develop later or is it permanently present since the beginning?
    Thankyou Sir!

    1. I am always reading about palmistry & started reading some about astrology from 2020 end. so I was not having this line till 2020. after that only this line is developed & mainly developed in 2021 end only. I am having it from moon mount to Mars mount. So yes lines can develope as per your recent Karmas. But the base is developed in your birth chart only.

  3. I think I have one. It starts or rather curves around the moon mount almost starting from the first bracelet very visible then fades as it finish the curves. In my culture I am suppose to become a shaman if I accept my calling.

  4. I’m very new to this, ultimately clueless, and I i have recently been told by a professional that I’m an empath, thought there was something wrong with me all my life but never spoke up.
    My hands have always had wild amounts of lines and markings, sometimes being referenced to have old lady hands.
    I just noticed I have an intuition line that that crosses my heart line, head line, triangle and star. I would love to show you and if you can confirm to what I’m seeing? I often question myself because I’m not educated in this area so I tend to look past but I’m always presented with, I guess signs, that resort me into looking more in depth.
    I apologize for the long message, I’m just kind of confused lol

  5. I’m very interested in your article and it seems i have an intuition line. But it only appear sometimes. I can share with you via email but tell me if the line is truly an intuitive line itself.

  6. I have this line….I am palmist,astrologer……Jounalist……active social worker…….Teacher……business man…I do mediatation from 20 years

    1. Hi Patro Ra, your background is quite similar to mine and I have this line too! How can I contact you so that we can chat more? Would love to hear from your experience!

  7. Hi, after working with doctors for the past 20 years, then I take the leap of faith to go into metaphysics. I am an intuition and heyoka empath all the while and been doing some energy healing work with close friends, but was very unsure as had a bad childhood, but not anymore eversince 18th August 2023, I am into palmistry now, so been digging for information and chance upon this page. I have intuition line on the mount Moon till it reaches heart line under mount of Mercury, mounts on my mount of Jupiter and a cross on it. Are you able to shed some insight for me?

  8. What does broken multiple times intuition line mean, also with the triangle, lots of “witches cross” and the M on the palm

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